Friday the 5th October will see the Hastings Alliance in court to hear the result of their appeal for a judicial review of the Secretary of State’s decision to provide funding for the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road (BHLR).

Speaking for the Alliance, Chairman Nick Bingham said:

‘ This is a very important day for us in our 12 year campaign to shed light on what is a road scheme evidently based on shaky grounds and wildly optimistic assertions from promoters, East Sussex County Council.

Last weekend’s ‘Rally in the Valley’ – organized by the Combe Haven Defenders and attended by well over 100 protesters – showed us just how much local people resent the destruction predicted by a major and expensive road carrying up to 30,000 vehicles a day through a peaceful and beautiful valley.

‘Experts inside and outside government have already concluded that alternatives have not been fully and properly investigated. That alone is reason enough to halt this scheme – the worst by far for CO2 emissions among the 45 transport schemes currently in development in England’ concluded Mr Bingham’. (1)


Derrick Coffee for the Hastings Alliance)


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2 Responses to OUR DAY IN COURT

  1. Richard Paine says:

    Not one person from my street attended this meeting. The impact of the proposed road resulting in a new town on our doorstep, farm land owned by: Trinity College, Cambridge. Three thousand houses, two industrial estates, maybe more. Resulting in: a huge loss of farm land and ancient rights of way.

    Access-road to three thousand houses not a by-pass. The public have been duped. Sold a pup.

  2. Peter says:

    Glad the rally went well, I went to the one on Twyford Down the same day. Good to see the Hastings Alliance campaigners there too.

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