What is the Hastings Alliance?

One of the most tranquil areas in the South East, Combe Haven Valley, is threatened by the proposed Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR).

The Hastings Alliance, a group representing the views of several national and local organisations as well as concerned individuals, is opposed to the construction of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.

Promoted by East Sussex County Council, this road would run from the A259 in Bexhill to the B2092 Queensway in Hastings and ruin this exceptionally beautiful valley and countryside on the edge of Hastings and Bexhill.

The chosen route passes within metres of the Combe Haven Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), designated as one of the nation′s most important wildlife sites, and severely damage the important biodiversity of this region.

The noise and visual intrusion of this road would have a devastating effect on the whole of the Combe Haven Valley, which, according to East Sussex County Council (ESCC), is ″probably the finest medium-sized valley in East Sussex, outside of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is set within a high-quality landscape of historic and wildlife interest and contains peaceful and remote countryside.″ (report on BHLR for ESCC Cabinet meeting 8 June 2004).


12 Responses to What is the Hastings Alliance?

  1. krissie says:

    I live in Catsfield Close and have a lovely Green open space at the front of my house along wih my other 4 neighbours. Twenty years ago when our houses were built, the council/builders were refused permission t build 5 houses on the green. I was told that this was due to the drainage and close proximaty to the main road/ Queensway. Now they have applied to build 10 houses on the same green.
    None of us want to see this area buit on. Apart fom the lovely views, and open space, which the children play on, there is lots of wild life using this area. This includes foxes which have been fed daily for over 10 years, (never missing one night), common wood peckers play on the green, and we have even had visis from badgers before, but unfortunately have been unable to find a set. There are bats swooping around the street lamps, but we are not sure whether piperill or ordinary bats.
    The building will involve the hedgerow at the bottom of the green being remoed, and an access road from the green leading on to the Queensway as we understand.
    Is there anything you an suggest to help us prevent the building from taking place. There is a petition which is being handed around, but we are really worried that we will loose this area to more housing.
    The plans are available to look at on Hastings Borough Coucil website.

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  3. Graham says:

    Truth is 99% of you had never been there until the road was mentioned. Regardless of your figure twisting it should go ahead,its just a shame it does not bypass Bexhill as well. We have dreadful transport links in the area and if they were improved we would have massive growth, both social and economic. I doubt your group to be transparent enough to leave this post.

  4. david says:

    just heard about this


    can you set up a counter petition

  5. Duncan says:

    about time the road was built! the a259 is a dire road at the moment. stop stnding in the way of progress!!!

  6. Sue says:

    Totally agree, we need the link road as soon as possible, stop being so obstuctive to something that will help the progress of both Hastings and Bexhill and he people living and working here. There is loads of open space in the area.

  7. where is my comment from yesterday ?? I am SO against this

  8. mandy hughes says:

    i live in bexhill my garden backs onto the old railway line in buxton drive we recieved a recorded letter last week informing us that the work would not start until the 7th jan 2013 with a claims form enclosed just incase they needto take part of our garden, i was assured by the contact name on the letter derry mockett that someone would be coming round to my house and my nieghbours show us exactly where the boundary lies also she assured me they would get the authorities to re-home the wildlife at the back of our property ,foxes hedgehogs wild birds and badgers i have not seen any any of this happening this morning saturday 15th dec 2012 i found a small letter poked through my door informing us they will be starting preparatory work along the railway line week commencing MONDAY THE 17TH DECEMBER!!!! Surely they cannot just do this right on top of christmas with hardly any notice what so ever!!
    My little boy who is in the process of being assesed for aspergers is very distressed about this as so am i , as i have not even had a chance to fill in the so called claim form which i recieved dated 10th of dec 2012 does anybody know is there anything i can do legally to stop this

  9. Barbara Rogers says:

    I think we really need to stop referring to this as a link road – the road is a basis for urban sprawl and concreting over an open wildlife area, which would generate a lot more traffic than it relieves. We should be arguing for redeveloping and refurbishing all the housing and industrial space already existing within the towns. The “link road” is a pretext for building on greenfield sites without adequate consultation. Did we want urban sprawl where town get stuck together in an urban mess where many homes and work and retail are accessible only by car? Well, that’s what we’re going to get. How about calling it the Urban Sprawl Project (USP)? Can anyone think of a better name?

  10. J Mitchell says:

    Juls: Could the people who want the Link Road tell us whether they have just moved to this area and are used to roads being the only form of transport they use. The agreement to a major new road should involve everybody living in the town or country. Not involve people who are living here temporarily and consider the views of long time locals. Any comment to this?

  11. Peter says:

    it is unfortunate when developments have to occur and adversely affect some people.

    however, being luddite doesn’t help anyone and actually gets in the way of rational discussion.

    personally I am in favour of this development as the area is lacking a proper road network.

    just a thought, have the people that object always behaved well towards the environment or is it only when it suits them. ? do you recycle and use a minimum of electricity or are you all simply nimbies with several cars and more of a selfish lifestyle ?


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