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  1. Peter Bolwell says:

    Can you inform me just how many new houses they are proposing should be built in the “new town” that would arise alongside the link road if permission is granted to open up the land for development? I cannot seem to find this information anywhere, either on the County Council’s website or yours! Many thanks
    Peter Bolwell

    • Julie Mitchell says:

      I went to an open display of houses to be built at start of Link Road. Sidley Baptist Church. 3,000 at sidely

      • Julie says:

        As I’m always in a rush, my previous message was awful. Link Road housing & business plans at Sidley Baptist Church. They (SeaChange) are planning a huge development. 3,000 plus homes in SIDLEY area with path for cycles, walkers between business. Also a Gateway Road, not One, Two roads of similar length for cars and lorries.

  2. The latest figure we have is 2,650. The Rother District Council North East Bexhill Masterplan suggests 1,100. These would be mainly on the east of the BHLR if it was built, in the area of Worsham Farm. This plan is available to view with a simple search on, for example, Google. No development has taken place, although up to 500 homes could have been built without the BHLR at any time over the last 10 years. With the BHLR, there is likely to be a high level of car useage. Without it, there would be opportunities to develop walking and cycling routes and provide good levels of public transport leading to a far less car dependent community. We don’t take a position on the question of development itself, but merely comment that if there is to be any, it has to be as sustainable as possible.
    Derrick Coffee.

    • Paul Brett says:

      For all the people who object the development of the link road have conveniently forgotten the previous proposals for a bypass . Objectors are now suggesting that a great deal of traffic will be through traffic and traffic on the Ridge & surrounding routes will be significantly increased as a result of the link road.

      Back in the late 90s a much bigger scheme known as the Hastings Eastern & western bypasses were proposed. This featured a bypass between the a259 at Hooe and the A259 at Guestling with junctions to access Hastings & Bexhill en route. The scheme was thrown out after months of investigating and surveying and the bypass was considered ‘ A too bigger scheme’ as most of the traffic that uses the A259 was found to be local traffic so a local road was needed. So along came the proposal of the link road, a local road for local needs. Now opposers are stating the opposite, stating that we need a larger bypass and the link road will not sort out the towns traffic problems.I thing it is time for the opposition to make theyre minds up and decide what the real solution is. You cannot have it both ways.

      • bob thomas (@bobthom94965788) says:

        Dear Mr Brett
        May I ask what your achievements are, as a resident?

  3. sarah johnston says:

    hi derrick hope your well, im a bit concerned with this new road going through bexhill to hastings do you know when this is going to take place, as i dont have too much information on this. many thanks sarah johnston

    • Hello Sarah
      Construction could start in January 2013 so the last, uninterrupted and tranquil Spring could have just taken place. The bulldozers could arrive within months. Looks grim but we haven’t given up!

  4. Richard Paine says:

    3,000 houses, two industrial estates. Article published in Bexhill Observer early 2012, uncertain of date and month.

  5. ian medgett says:

    Good on you lot! We have been suffering the same official arogance- I recognised all of the condescending speeches by the suits! We are currently fighting to keep our village free from a 3000 hgv lorryy park, a huge (95 hgvs per day) anaerobic digester and 1200 houses that KCC and the local planners want to dump on us. Direct action works, so far we have held tem off since 2008- you guys seem to have the same stamina! You have to fight for your community! Well done!! If we can help (boosting numbers etc) then please email.
    Good luck

  6. I have just heard a rumour third-hand that the County Council is now seeking to amend some of the details of the planning scheme for which they previously obtained approval.Do you know if this is correct? If so, can you confirm exactly what details they are seeking to change? Surely this would give rise to a right to raise further objections, since it means in effect that they obtained their ealier appproval under false pretences! If so, to whom should our representations be addressed?

  7. Richard Paine says:

    It was I that notified the Defenders on facebook. See post. Other than that I have here details.


  8. Richard Paine says:

    North East Bexhill Master Plan: Now 4,000 houses.

  9. 4,000 houses & 6 industrial areas. North East Bexhill Masterplan. BX2 & BX3.

  10. Wolfie Smith says:

    Hastings Demo against the Cuts!!
    On Wednesday 27th February Hastings Borough Council will meet to vote in a raft of cuts that will do nothing but hurt the people of Hastings.

    Various Unions, groups and local organisations are hoping to gather as many people as possible outside the meeting to show the opposition of the people of Hastings to these devastating cuts. Austerity is not working; we need a better way.

    Meet at 5pm – outside Town Hall

  11. Davem says:


    • Paul Brett says:

      well said Davern , it is a waste of time protesting for something that Hastings & Bexhill Desperately need. If anyone thinks that a link road is not required , please message me & explain your full solution to traffic problems of the A259.

      • OK well what is your solution to the traffic problems on the A259 then? Bearing in mind that the link road is not going to be a solution. Most of the traffic on the A259 is local traffic going between Hastings and Bexhill. I use it myself. and I am certainly not going to take a detour miles inland to Queensway for the sake of ending up in Sidley. I am going to carry on using the A259 whether the link road is built or not, and so are most other drivers. However all of that is really irrelevant. Even the proponents of the link road have now given up even pretending that it is about the relief of traffic, and openly admit that it is really all about opening up huger swathes of our countryside for development,in order to make millionaires out of a handful of property developers,, land speculators and financiers – so whose side are you on?

  12. Northeast Bexhill Masterplan BX2 & BX3. Now it’s 6 industrial areas, 4 to 5 thousand houses, Increasing monthly. High density housing to rear of Pebsham Lane up to Wrestwood Road. Low-cost housing for south London overspill.

    Surface water from Link Road, housing and industrial estates to discharge into the Combe Haven River at Bulverhythe Increasing the risk of flooding Bulverhythe flood plain. The Environment Agency claim, flooding will be but once in a hundred year eventuality. No so.

    The Combe Haven has a long history of flooding, even as recently as January and February of 2013 caravans at Combe Haven Caravan Park had to be pumped out, cleaned-up. Hastings Borough Council’s Bulverhythe Flood Plain risk assessment was several years out of date and compiled with incomplete information.

    Surface water from the Link Road, coupled with a huge construction programme will exacerbate flood risk problems, not only in the Combe Valley over the winter months, but also the Bulverhythe flood plain and Bexhill Road areas.

    • Paul Brett says:

      Why Why Why don`t you people oppose housing developments in The Hastings & Bexhill on the same scale as you are for this link road? Years of developments have taken place without little opposition that has stopped developments taking place. Look at pictures of Filsham valley in the 1980s, no houses, look at The little ridge area in the 80s , no houses, look at the huge area around Churchwood drive in the 80s ,no houses , why have you allowed all this developming take place over the last 30 years and then start screaming when a road is needed to support all this developing. Its too little too late , the lin road is needed wheather you like it or not!

      • J Mitchell says:

        IAt the time of the Churchwood Drive road, houses etc I was at least 30 years younger. It happened in the early 70’sI I did no know all this was happening. One day there was a farm there. A few months later many houses and a farm track became a main road.

  13. Mr John Shaw CEO Sea Change, formerly Sea Space, Bexhill Hastings Renaissance evidently does not have any idea where, or how the surface water from his new scheme will discharge into the Combe Stream. These revelations are very alarming, considering the construction of his new Gateway Road/industrial estates will discharge into said stream. Mr Shaw’s drawings of his Gateway Road, coupled with Link Road. 6 industrial areas in addition to proposed housing of 4-5 thousand units.

    The Combe Stream, coupled with Watermill Stream and others all discharge on the Bulverhythe Flood Plain. At this point the stream is more akin to a river, prone to flooding.

  14. Bexhill Observer 19 April 2013. Development plans were apparently construction up to 2028 4200. Latest 4,800, this figure I have not seen before. Government now require 10,000.

  15. https://www.facebook.com/CombeHavenBulverhytheFloodPlain
    Northeast Bexhill Masterplan: 6 industrial areas. It’s been reported that housing is now 4,800. Planning permission is outline, so anything might happen. Been mooted that it’s high density housing parallel with Pebsham Lane up to Wrestwood Road.

  16. bob thomas (@bobthom94965788) says:

    Paul Brett says:
    June 29, 2013 at 1:48 pm I have lived in this area for 13 years. The last 6 or so I have attempted to enlighten residents of Bexhill and Hastings on matters concerning parking in Hastings, flood awareness at Bulverhythe and a host of other issues. Guess what? The residents who care are in the minority. It is by experience I say, the people of Bexhill and Hastings are completely oblivious as to what goes on and where. One might even say lumpen.

  17. Paul Brett says:

    In response to your request peter bolwell , I do not agree with your comments suggesting a link road will not help the a259 . What you have got to understand is that Bexhill Road is the only road from east to west between ravenside roundabout and the harley shute junction . Doing nothing is’t an option as housing developments are popping up like theres no tomorrow in Hastings and Bexhill thus making the problem worse. The maternity unit at Eastbourne Dgh is now closed so that means that any expectant mothers in eastbourne or surrounding areas have got to fight along the clogged up A259 to the conquest hospital in Hastings.,, All freight traffic in this area comes by road. All these statistics mean that the road network requires upgrading… Back in the 90s a much larger bypass was proposed known as the hastings eastern n western bypasses. They were thrown out after a study revealed that a LOCAL ROAD was needed. So 10 yeas later here we have the link road , a local road for local needs.Anything currently in Bexhill, sidley or the surrounding areas wishing to travel to Hastings has to negociate the clogged up Bexhill Road. It isnt a problem that has developed overnight, its gradually got worse over the last 20 years . If you agree with hasting alliance with re instating west marina station and glyne gap or a silly bike path to solve the problem then you do not have a clue is what type of traffic uses Bexhill Road! The car is the way people travel , you will not stop that, it is a global problem . Go to tenerife n you will find themvbuilding a 60 mile dual motorway around the island. Go to America and you will find them driving on roads the size we could only dream of! To stop car use by prosesting about a 4mile stretch of road us pretty pathetic really. The government decide the want thousands of homes built in the southeast by 2020 but do not consider the transport network these homes need. If you are against this road I would suggest that you protest against every housing development in the area. As the experts said years ago, doin nothing isnt an option . Of course bexhill road will always be the road to use if you are travelling from st leonards to bexhill but at least there will be an alternative option for all traffic travelling to hollington , conquest hospital , and everywhere else to the north of Hastings. You cannot expect to continually increasing the population of a town wirhout improving the transport infrastructure.

    • J Mitchell says:

      The problem for the towns of Bexhill, Hastings & surrounding areas is Jobs, and building houses on green unspoilt and beautiful land will exacerbate the problem of finding work. Another reason not to build a road, until we are sure we have jobs for the people who already live here.

  18. bob thomas (@bobthom94965788) says:

    The Link Road present route runs close to Pebsham and Sidley so as to release land owned by Trinity College Cambridge. Rother District Council, Hastings borough Council along with East Sussex County Council agree with this route as it suits them. Profits to be made, deals to be done. For example RDC will benefit from a circa 3k for every house built from central government. Also, grants available for the new country park, industrial units and so on….

  19. Sorry Paul Brett but you are living in a dream world if you think there is going to be any room for people like you on the link road once the thousands of new homes have been built out there which are all going to be entirely car-dependent because there is going to be no public transport and no other way for all those new residents or the people employed in the commercial units to get there. The A259 is going to seem like a doddle compared with trying to travel on that single-carriageway road once the entire population of what is effectively a new town are queuing up to use it. You are looking through the wrong end of the telescope I am afraid, The actual problem is too many cars, not too few roads. As long as people are encouraged to jump in a car to go 100 yards round the corner to buy a paper, and as long as building projects like this are deliberately made car-dependent to suck up to the car-lobby, and as long as people like you think that oil is going to last forever, then the problem will indeed only get worse, but it is people, like you who are causing it.

    • Craig Cooper says:

      What a dimwit you really sound Peter Bolwell! Mr Brett has brought up a very good few facts which you clearly can`t defend . I think its time to give up your fight and admit that youre wrong personally

  20. Paul Brett says:

    Thankyou Craig cooper for the support! Well Peter Bolwell & anyone else who is reading this who is against developments we need your help right now in St Leonards right now- the government want to built houses on the South Saxons Wetlands , I am dead against any more housing developments so please please can you sign the petition against this housing development asap! Remember the more housing developments that are built , the more traffic we will see on the roads . We do not need any more housing in St Leonards ,especially by Bexhill Road..

  21. Paul Brett says:

    here is the link to sign the petition online :- http://epetition.eastsussex.public-i.tv/epetition_core/view/Wetlands

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