17 September 2009


By 18TH SEPTEMBER 2009, anyone wishing to object at the public inquiry into the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road has to submit their completed ‘PUBLIC INQUIRY PROGRAMMING FORM’. Even after that date, still send in the form as soon as possible.

This yellow form should have been received by all those who sent objections in earlier in the year, though there has been some delay in sending them out.

If you want to SPEAK, BE REPRESENTED or SUBMIT WRITTEN REPRESENTATIONS, then the form has to be sent in.

If you have NOT received a form, it can be downloaded from the website of PERSONA ASSOCIATES who are administering the public inquiry. To download a form:

Type PERSONA ASSOCIATES into the search engine, click on ‘Public Inquiries’, select ‘Bexhill to Hastings …..’ and then select ‘Inquiry Programme’.

Alternatively the Persona website for the Inquiry is: www.persona.uk.com/bexhill/

The form must be sent by post to:

Ms Lynette Duncan, Program Officer, at: Persona Associates Ltd, West Point, Springfield Road HORSHAM, West Sussex RH12 2PD.

E-mail: lynetteduncan@personaassociates.co.uk

Phone: 01403217799

Objectors then have until the 20th October to send in their statements of evidence and accompanying documents.

On the same website under Pre-Inquiry Meeting you can also look at the notes on the meeting, described by the Inspector as a nuts and bolts meeting.

This contains practical matters including dealing with the submission of statements of evidence for the Inquiry and importantly the Purpose and Scope of the Inquiry.

GOOD NEWS! Objections can be made to the scheme on the following grounds:

Need, Alternatives not considered, Environmental impact, Government policy not followed, Costs. It is NOT simply an inquiry into Compulsory Purchase Orders or Side Road Orders.

You can object EVEN IF you didn’t send an objection in to Government Office for the North East (Linda Smart).

We will need the help of professional witnesses at the public inquiry, and we are currently trying very hard to raise funds for this. Any contribution, however small, can be sent to: Derrick Coffee, c/o/ Hastings Trust, 35, Robertson Street , Hastings . TN34 1HT. Cheques should be made payable to: Hastings Alliance.


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