The Hastings Alliance is supported by the following national and local organizations.

Individual supporters are also crucial to the campaign. How to register as an individual supporter.


Campaign to Protect Rural England

Council for National Parks

Friends of the Earth

Railfuture – the independent campaign for a better passenger and freight rail network

Roadblock – the national alliance of community groups and campaigners against roadbuilding

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Campaign for Better Transport

UK Rivers Network

The Wildlife Trusts

The Woodland Trust


Hastings, Kent and Sussex

A27 Action Group

Brighton & Hove & Mid-Sussex FoE

CPRE – Sussex Branch

Campaign for Better Transport East Sussex

Friends of the Brede Valley

Hastings & Rother Childcare Campaign

Hastings FoE

Hastings Open Technology

Hastings Urban Wildlife Group

Lewes District FoE


Rother Environmental Group

Sussex SERA

Sussex Wildlife Trust

Tunbridge Wells FoE

Wishing Tree Residents Association


3 Responses to Supporters

  1. Richard says:

    Brighton & Hove & Mid-Sussex FoE, Lewes District FoE and Tunbridge Wells FoE should all butt-out because they live in prosperous areas with decent road links.

    • J Mitchell, Hastings says:

      They are entitled to their views. Why should the car win? We have too many already. J

    • Knitted Dog says:

      Why do you they call themselves the “Conservative” Party when in fact our countryside and environment is never under greater threat than when the Tories are in power?
      So far, in the two and a half years since May 2010, our countryside and environment have been under threat from HS2, calls for massive-scale road building (including the criminally damaging and wholly unnecessary Bexhill-Hastings Link Road), changes to the planning laws, airport expansion, fracking, Nick Boles’ call to increase England’s built-up area by two million acres, and the sell-off of our forests (mercifully abandoned).
      The only thing the Tories seem good at conserving is the wealth, privilege and power of their property-developer, big-business, newspaper and media friends. They’d be more accurately renamed the “Destruction Party” because most of what they do involves destruction – the destruction of our economy, our institutions, our very way of life. (Actually, an even better name would be the “Khmer Bleu” Party.)
      Passing themselves off as the “greenest government ever” is rather like Herod passing himself off as a kindly guardian of children. Quite clearly, the only thing green about the Tories is how green they think the electorate is!

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