Combe Haven valley

Combe Valley

“Would this view be improved by a major road?”

The farmland depicted in this picture is threatened by the government proposed Bexhill-Hastings Link Road, which would cross the Combe Haven Valley, several smaller tributary valleys and cut through this beautiful view and right past a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Promoted by East Sussex County Council, the road is opposed by the Hastings Alliance, an umbrella organisation of local and national community and environmental groups, on environmental, economic and transport grounds.

In a report to its own cabinet, East Sussex County Council described Combe Haven as ″probably the finest medium-sized valley in East Sussex, outside of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is set within a high-quality landscape of historic and wildlife interest and contains peaceful and remote countryside.″


29 Responses to Combe Haven valley

  1. M.G.Davies says:

    I’ve known this part of the countryside for a number of years now. I can remember the viaduct
    and railway line going across it. However nothing can beat the tranquility of the scene as it is now.

  2. Jean Brett says:

    Rubbish we need the link road now

    • Lee says:

      and who is the ‘WE’ you mention jean?

      this is a classic return to the 90’s conservative party Road building scheme(s) that led to roads being planned and built all over the UK to no ones benefit except, Governent ministers whom are share holders, non exec directors of such companies as TARMAC/McAlpine et al (amazing what an FOI request can show up)..

      this ‘link’road will do nothing to ease any conjestion on the A259 and the excuse it will feed into the economic revival of our heritage coast seaside resorts is the biggest load of bunkem ever!

      I guess you’re all for it due to living in Hastings and working in Bexhill(?) as this will be the only ‘group’ of people that such a destructive (environmentally and socially) will benefit by cutting a few minutes of journey time…. another back handed route to building on green belt, that the Tory’s and their new yellow lackies the Lib Dems just love..

      • P baker says:

        shes all for it cos were FED UP with hastings being dragged down & being let down by a sad group of uneducated morons like yourself trying to pretend to be experts! You people have NOT GOT A CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. FACT… 30 years + of house building in Hastings & Bexhill areas extra schools , a hospital with downgraded facilities requiring extra travelling between DGH and conquest & numerous Retail parks appearing but not ONE road built to support them ?? oh and a slight increase of the population in the years by immigration laws etc ? Maybe you need to think a bit more and look around at the counties problems to realise why a road needs to be built? The problems not just gonna go away by a few extra people waliking to work is it?

    • Sally Snyde says:

      And of course if the original route had been allowed to go through, none of this mess would be happening. Well done Gilliane Hetherington

  3. Jean Brett says:

    Nothing to say have you wingers

    • Lee says:

      just said it Jean, and why are you referrring to people as being fans of a defunct 70’s band led by sir Paul McCartney of peasmarsh? now get back in your hole..

      • P baker says:

        WTF are you on LEE?, you people have got nothing to say when it comes to answering common sense questions.. This link road has been required for YEARS , why didnt you people protest at the new housing estates that have appeared over the years in the Hastings& Bexhill areas, Little ridge, Filsham valley ,the old bexhill college site at Turkey road, the old st helens hospital site in Hastings, the sidings in Ore? Do any of them ring a bell ?? WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE !!! Have you got any suggestions for alternative modes of transport in the hastings/Bexhill area for goods traffic? At the moment ALL goods traffic comes by road, when was the last time you saw a goods train in the area ? What difference is building a cycle path or putting a few extra buses on or trying to encourage people to walk gonna do to help goods traffic? again LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!

  4. Jean Brett says:

    You ve got a nerve Lee what is you’re idea of a band then you green party idiot

  5. Jean Brett says:

    Have you no comments it s gone very quiet

  6. Jean Brett says:

    Nothing to say then lee

  7. Pete Roper says:

    Jean Brett is obviously a complete moron! Why do dullards like this idiot even bother to say anything when they clearly have nothing to say!

    • P baker says:

      so what have you gotta say `Pete roper” ? im guessing youre gonna be the expert willing to solve the traffic problems of Hastings & bexhill by saying lets get on a bus instead of using our cars … yeh great if youve got a bus stop near to your destination & departure & if youve got no tools or goods to transport & you `ve got all day….

      • Michelle says:

        Transport problems are created by insurers who give people loans for cars when there are already too many on our roads. Isn’t it more important to own a home than a car. If people use public transport and save for a mortgage and mortgage rates are forced to come down through Government policy, Council’s took over empty properties, which they are now able to do quicker and then pushed for the right of worker’s to get cheaper mortgages through a new Council/Government backed scheme. Ordinary people, not just the very rich, some of whom are supported by the Government in jobs, would then appreciate that they really have a good place in society and in turn appreciate our green and pleasant land which is gradually turning into a concrete jungle. This phrase has been used in the past, and how and why have people’s opinions changed now.

  8. travellinglight says:

    Take heart my friends from the campaign to save Binstead woods from the bypass of the bypass of Arundel and the destruction of Titnore woods near Worthing both saved because some of us are prepared to stand up and fight those who want to trash our countryside.
    May your Christmas be peaceful and success is yours in 2013.
    From all at and

  9. Glenys R says:

    Wishing you the best in your campaign to save this beautiful part of your lovely countryside… having spent a little time at the Titnore site, I can only wish you wellin your campaign.. We have someone who has been in a tree in Tasmania now for just over a year… hope you don’t have to be there that long to save your beautiful land from the savagery of road building.

  10. mat says:

    Big love, kudos, and solidraity from the third runway protestors at grow heathrow.
    I would like to visit you sometime and see if i can be of any help.
    Let me know your process.
    Best wishes for 2013
    Mat x

  11. Isabel Thurston says:

    Happy Christmas to the heros defending the trees. You really are APPRECIATED by anyone with a soul. Those who wish for more roads will live to regret it, or their children will.

  12. Nicola Peel says:

    There will never be peace in the world until we can rise above each others differences.

    Rather than more roads I just wish we could get with the program and have a more frequent and affordable public transport system so there would be fewer cars on the road. This idea of one person per car will be looked upon as total madness in 50 years time.

  13. Richard Jones says:

    Sod off petrolheads! We don’t need more roads ruining the environment so selfish gas guzzlers can create more pollution

    Big respect and salutations to Hastings Alliance.

  14. Brian Gill says:

    The struggle continues…well done in Hastings. Keep heart and the very best for this New Year

  15. Sally Snyde says:

    Hastings Alliance have stopped the orignal route. So as not to have it ending near their own homes. No other reason.
    At all.
    And thousands of people’s journeys over over 10 years have been ruined as a result.
    So this route is down to them.

    • Anton says:

      You mean they live in the valley Sally? good lord, someone better check to see if they have drowned. As if the Hastings Alliance have got that sort of power and influence over ESCC. If they did, this wouldn’t be going ahead. Get your facts right, or at least continue with the same level of humour as in your last posting.

    • Michelle says:

      Can you get your facts right. Having researched the original plan of 2001 (which was for a bypass). As a non-car driver, by choice, as the emissions from cars make peoples health deteriorate, and they are dangerous and mean machines, often driven by people who are not trained to drive in this country. The bypass of 2001 was nowhere near to the area which is now going to be affected, so your reasons for wanting the 2 roads is probably not going anywhere near to where you live. Just think what your reaction, would be if it was??? juls

  16. Andrew Stevenson says:

    If the long term view is held as another person has said, in 50 years ?? the need will not

    be there, as we will not be able to afford the fuel.

  17. J Mitchell says:

    Good on the protestors stopping the desecration of Combe Valley, Sidley and Crowhurst. Don’t give in to morons.

  18. Ken Standing says:

    Those perpetrating such a despoliation are reptilians. It’s sad and dispiriting that so unthinking a thing can happen.

  19. Andrew says:

    How very true a “short term” happening in the time of the world.

    I heard that the goverment thinks roads are the way out of this resesion, lets hope

    its not this planned road.

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