The two local papers – the Bexhill and Hastings Observers – received a dozen letters this week, with one more published as an article, expressing the conviction that the decision to part fund the BHLR to the tune of £56m, was the wrong decision. One correspondent reminds us that the true cost will very likely be over £100m, with the balance paid by local council taxpayers – hardly popular in, say, Lewes, Crowborough, Robertsbridge, Heathfield or Uckfield. The county council’s budget will need close scrutiny in the weeks and months ahead.

On the national scene, Local Transport Today (LTT) published its assessment of the BHLR story. LTT is a respected national publication read by local authority planners, and academics. All this is now here on the website and both letters and the LTT article can be read by following the links below beneath the poem.

In this post you’ll also be able to read a new poem by local, national poet Brian Moses, and see a 2005 painting by Peter Poole of the view of Combe Haven from Adams Farmhouse kitchen window. The view and setting of the 16th century farmhouse will be changed forever by the BHLR.

Sincere thanks for the many messages of support received in recent days, and for past support over many years. We will continue to make every effort to secure this very special and treasured valley for future generations to enjoy.

….As Joni once wrote in one of her songs

‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.’  *

New Road

Trees have fallen silent,

their leaves done with whispering.


Birds and bees have nothing to say.


I no longer receive communications

on the breeze.


The stream does not share its secrets.


For the road that’s planned

through the valley

grows nearer



And everything turns its face away

as I walk by.


Yet from different sides of the valley

fat cats are looking on,

purring appreciatively,

licking their lips.

There’s money to be made from this, they hiss,

there’s money to be made from this.

Brian Moses


LTT Battle of Hastings_NEW

Post Decision Hastings/Bexhill ObserverLetters


*On the website shortly:

-maps produced for East Sussex County Council showing the very special character of the irreplaceable Combe Haven and its tributary  valleys.

-news of the next stage of our campaign.

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